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About Me :))

Assalamualaikum earthlings :)) Nothing interesting about me. Hmm. okay, First for all, I'm the owner of this blog, Erischa Dayanti. Scha Dayanti for glamour :)) Tee heee. That's not my name. Oh na na what's my name? Ohh na na what's my name? Hiks.

Full Name:  Siti Aishah Binti Atan.
Age: 16 years old.
D.O.B:  29 December 1995
School: Smk Sri Rahmat
Sex: Female
Religion: Islam
Place Of  Birth:  Hospital Sultanah Aminah JB
Stay: Johor Bahru, Tampoi

  As you all know, I'm not pretty , cutee or else :")) Nobody's perfect in this world don't you? ;] So , i'm just ordinary a girl who like to spend her time with Online-ing , IM-ing withh friends (!) Jyeahh , that's my hobby ;] I'm the girl who is poyo-like typical ;DD Lol.  I am really friendly if you're nice to me :)) But if you challenge me, I have my limits :)) So , BEWARE!

  Heyaa , that's my boyfiee </3 Ismail name given by her mom i guess ;DD Hahah. Mail for short :)) Dulu , saya shukee sgt pgel dia surat :DD weird name but cute >.< Hihihi   Tapi skrg dah tak pgel dah sebab dia kata pelik , saya sorg jea yang panggil dia mcm tuh. mbe-2 dia tak pernah pun terfikir nak panggil dia macam tuh . Hoho . Saya buat keputusan, saya nak bg satu nama khas utk dia :)) Hihihi. Mau tawuk takk apa nama yg saya kasi dekat dia? Ehemmm , snowy :DD snow for short . Hoho </3 Kenapa saya panggil dia mcm tuh? Sesuai dgn characteristic dia :)) Tapi dia kata kalau nak panggil dia dengan nama tuh dengan satu syarat.  Dia kata "awak sorg jea yang boleh panggil saya macam tuh" Awwwhhh no hal lah darl :)) No hal , no hal :DD Teeheeee. 

 Back to topic, I am in relationship to him since the 27th of March 2010 :)) I do i love him so much and more more and more ;DD hik. *You see how much i love youu darling :DD . Umur dia sama dengan saya :)) Sekolah pun sama :)) Kelas tak sama T__T . Saya kelas 4perdana1 and dia 4Bestari2. FYI , dia nih pandai giloo ouhh :)) That's why dia dapat masuk kelas pandai :)) While i? Dapat masuk kelas vongok sikit kot. Haha :P Tapi betul apa , saya tak sepandai dia :")) Don't you enchikk ismail? :DD hahaha.

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i'm loving you forever dear :")) Nobody's can seperate us :")) Teehee 

that's all about me :")) Im more on FACEBOOK :))