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Tempahan dibuka !

Assalamualaikum and Annyeong Haseyo :)

   Haii ebelibadi :'> Okayy , short entry jeh. Scha sekarang nak buka balik tempahan :) Kali ni scha tak keseorangan , Scha buat tempahan with my lovely chingu putry ily :DD Kami bosan sesgt skrg ni taktahu nak buat apaa. Biasaa lah cuti kan bro nothing to do. So, we decide to open reservation for editing blog. Maybe it's too expensive, but we all will edit your blog as long as we can :DD Don't worry, Kami berdua pro in editing blog ni. Jangan risaulah kan kalau takut tak lawaa kee hapee kan. Do not worries, be happy :)

Fully edit [Template designer & Blogskin] : RM20
Only Header : RM5
Only Footer : RM3
Only Welcome note : RM5
Only Greeting words : RM3

Isn't too expensive for you? If yes, just PM us okay :) Harga boleh di pertimbangkan lagi. If you really really cheong-mahl cheong-mahl want, just send us a Personal Message [PM]

Scha Dayanti [Scha]
Putry Iylianisha [Putry]

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   Btw, if you wanna PM, Makesure you send both of us okay? We are using prinsip "Payment first, Edit later" .  We don't use topup service access, Just using Maxis Card :) Thankyou.

I'm lonely. Bo?

Lot's of love,
Schadayanti :)